"Always Improving"

headshot of Su Leone in 2021

A.A.S. Geomatics Technology, 2015
M.S.Ed. Interdisciplinary Arts, 2002
B.A. Music, 1994

Surveying & CAD Instructor, Wake Tech, 15-now
Surveying & CAD Instructor, Wake Tech @ Vernon Malone CCA, 15-17
Science & Math Substitute, Wake County Public School System, 09-13
Music Teacher, Granville County Schools at Wilton Elementary School, 03-08
Grade 6 Classroom Teacher, CHW Elementary School, (NY), 00-02
Music Teacher, Newark Central Schools at Newark High School (NY), 98-00

I believe that every person can learn. Students are not broken, or incomplete. Teachers are not fonts of all knowledge.

But the right, carefully-chosen learning activity, in a supportive environment that encourages critical reflection and a growth mindset... that can change the world.